accidentally saw an article on the Internet yesterday, specifically, that page can not remember, is a friend who has done SEO for many years, a little emotion, it should be indignation, oh, for the time being understood.

in this article, he mainly talks about the changes and adjustments of Baidu over the past few years, especially the attitude towards SEO. He wrote a lot. Although some extreme words, but I still have some touch after the completion and harvest.

Every time Baidu

changes and changes, will cause a rush webmaster circle, certainly not in a panic. read more

Twenty-first Century

"what is the most expensive?" "talent!" the movie "A World Without Thieves" in Ge You’s uncle Li thirsty for the big. Uncle Li’s mind: "my gaze toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch" deeply reflect the enterprise demand for talents of helpless, finally meet the longed for goal of talent, how to impress him? Let him use it! Only promised to fame? By Wei Fan Fan Chu as saying: "no division so!" this paper will film "A World Without Thieves" as a case reference to analyze and share hunting on, please. Have readers shortcomings, together with "Ge uncle" to solve problems, to capture the heart of talent. read more


Ping command is familiar to everyone, which is often used to test the connectivity of lans. "Ping+IP address" is a command format all of the most commonly used, but whether we noticed the Ping command in the IP address? There is a lot of knowledge and pay attention to the following, I will introduce the hidden in the Ping command in the secret.

".0" can conditionally omit

everyone uses the "Ping" command to do loop testing on the machine to verify that the native TCP/IP protocol cluster is properly installed. But you find it? "Ping 127.1" this command can also get the same results (Figure), in fact, "Ping 127.1" and "Ping" the two commands are the same, are in the loop test. read more

how can you use the minimum input to get the maximum profit?." This is the business of Fan Yujin, a junior in journalism at the University of Wuhan. The 22 year old college student, keen to seize the small shop big profit, while studying at the University, and became a monthly income of thousands of small boss.

has been a business man since childhood,

Fan Yujin was born in Shuangjiang County of Yunnan Province, this weird little girl to do business as a kind of innate love. A high summer hot weather, Fan Yujin saw many passers-by in the street walk will move from the brain mouth parched and tongue scorched. "Anyway, it’s OK at home. Why don’t I go to the street to sell cold drinks and earn some pocket money?". With a borrowed 5 yuan, Fan Yujin came back with a large package of drinks. The purchase price per bag drinks 5, I sold 1 angle, the first day to earn 5 yuan." Recalled the scene, Fan Yujin still could not conceal his pride. read more

now people’s lives already cannot do without the Internet, basic necessities of life have been moved to the Internet, you can buy online love clothes, do not go out to know everything, the network era has entered its heyday.

Local sites such as

like bamboo shoots after a spring rain develops rapidly, any a small town there are a lot of websites, the Internet giants are competing for the two or three city network market, which for our personal webmaster, is certainly not a small obstacle. Personal webmaster do local website, a no human resources, two without financial support, want to develop is very difficult, many webmaster without the passion of the past, chose to give up. There are many owners still insist, insist on is victory, but blindly insist that is bound to fail, we must seek individual stationmaster development, adhere to the people. In short, play to their strengths. read more

October 25th, IT organized a teahouse to community operators as the theme of the next line of communication activities, invited Li Huaipeng ( and Sun Guofeng ( in the community to share its operation experience and exploration. Li Jun is now in the activities of the main issues discussed as follows, for network peer exchanges. Summary, inevitably there is content missing and expression is not accurate place, see understanding.

Li Huaipeng (TG280)

in the 7 years of Internet experience, two years ago to the development of Chengdu read more

Before making the subject for today’s

, let’s look at a picture so that you can better interpret what you’re talking about later.

This picture is

above the Baidu index analysis chart my website last month the amount from the above picture, we can clearly see this website my index presents an arch shape. The dividing line is the two days of September, 26 and 27.

before this, the index of the website and the amount that add is to appear to wait the state of promotion of proportion, everybody still can see the picture below again: read more

these days, there have been some new Internet buzzwords on the Internet, such as "home audio network", "brother, don’t crush on me, it’s just a legend.""…… Some of the classic lines like Xiao Shenyang’s Early Spring Festival Gala this year have been spread quickly across the internet…… Even the Folk Tea money after dinner.

remember someone grabbed the money is not bad in the Spring Festival gala evening at the time domain, and on the Internet than selling price, relevant agencies long ago when released Shanghai Disneyland is about to open the message, the Internet has set off a wave of speculation about Disney domain, some of which are that the webmaster has become more and more hot trend in the future this is a good thing, that is, China webmaster development and social synchronization. read more

Hello everyone, passing by, don’t miss it. The Spring Festival is coming soon. First to everyone worship an early years, I wish the majority of webmaster friends flow surge, not back. Happy new year to A5’s staff and friends! Red envelopes.

well, a blessing sent out, Xiao Man said it was not wise remark of an experienced person, what amazing, but also is the sincere hope can talk, gentle niubable webmaster predecessors had just started making bricks; the webmaster don’t thank Xiao Man, everyone is each one takes what he needs. read more

now mention and usual as early as up, turn on the computer query included more, whether keywords ranking improved, desktop phone rings, I pick up

phone, the other is a woman, and simply talk about the next conversation,

!At first she asked me: "are you

dj56 the website main? My answer is what she said, your site is not ready to sell, but I have no plans to sell my station how much money she said yes, our company is willing to take 60 thousand yuan to buy your website we are Hongkong new human audio-visual company Oh, I just graduated from college! Do two months of station can sell 60 thousand dollars? I asked her why she didn’t go to buy those stronger than I am of the site, the other answer is that I wanted to buy be startled at our company, other sites, but we heard that the 56 video network also plans to acquire your site, I do not know what the answer is to sell or not to sell at that time, I think that I’ll hang you contact me tomorrow to hang up the phone to a very long time. read more