first_imgThe 2009 Rebel Indoor Shot Put Series got off to record-setting start. Brick Township’s Lisa Stuto set a new meet record in the Senior Girls division with a heave of 39-7. Runner-up Shannon Watt of Jackson Memorial (39-5) also topped the old record 38-0 by Anna Di- Paolo of Howell. Third-place finisher Sandra Jean Romain of Old Bridge was not far off the old record with her 37-8½. Tilah Young of Barnegat won the Junior Girls competition with a throw of 32- 5. East Brunswick’s Corine Kominkiewiczz (31-6) and Franklin’s Diane Jones (30-4) were second and third. Franklin’s Nitosa Brooks won the Sophomore Girls competition at 32-6. Second was Diana Lawerence of Old Bridge (30-3) and third was Katie Brunner of Brick Township (29-7). Freshman winner was East Brunswick’s Connine Kominkiewicz (27- 5). Kayla Mazza of Raritan was second (27-0), and Metuchen’s Egypt Pringley- Mack was third (24-4). The best throw of the competition belonged to Old Bridge’s Jorge Merino who captured the Senior Boys competition with a 53-11¼ toss. A.J. Wondolowski (47- 11¼) and Alex Giglio of Jackson Liberty (45-3¾) were second and third. Adam Skidmore led a one-two Central Regional finish in the Junior Boys competition. Skidmore’s 49-2½ topped his teammate Matt Keifer’s 45-11¾. Third place went to Howell’s Sean Harvey (45-1½). Host Howell picked up a win in the Sophomore Boys competition with Eric Snyder edging Long Branch’s Doug Saffioti, 38-6 to 38-2. The Freshman Boys winner was Albie Labignara of Central Regional (34-1½). Jackson Memorial’s John Delaney (33- 11½) and Old Bridge’s Ramy Kased (32- 4) were place and show finishers. The Rebel Indoor Series continues tonight starting at 6:30 with sign-in at 6.last_img read more

first_imgA late goal by Marcos Rojo gave Argentina a dramatic 2-1 victory over Nigeria in Group D on Tuesday and sent the twice champions through to the knockout stages of the World Cup.Lionel Messi scored his first goal of the tournament in the 14th minute with an expertly taken shot.However, Nigeria were level six minutes after the restart, when Javier Mascherano fouled Leon Balogun in the area and Victor Moses stepped up to slot the resulting penalty past Franco Armani.With the game ebbing away from Argentina, Gabriel Mercado crossed from the right in the 86th minute and Rojo turned the ball into the goal with a first time strike to spark wild celebrations from the Argentines.Argentina face France in the last 16 after finishing second in the group, while Croatia take on Group C runners-up Denmark.Iceland’s first World Cup adventure came to a valiant end as they were beaten 2-1 by Group D winners Croatia due to a late strike from Ivan Perisic.Iceland missed a flurry of early chances but went behind in the second half to a lethal strike from Croatia midfielder Milan Badelj, although Gylfi Sigurdsson levelled from the penalty spot in the 76th minute to set up an enthralling finish.Argentina’s 2-1 win over Nigeria meant Iceland would have qualified with a victory but instead their hearts sank when Perisic smashed into the far corner in the 90th minute.Iceland, the smallest ever nation to compete at a World Cup, are heading home with one point from their tournament debut but will still leave Russia with their heads held high.last_img read more

first_imgOur HeartsBy Matenneh-Rose L. DunbarMade of only soft flesh without a boneMade to be flexible and ready to bendMade of how we see the world aroundmade to swifter big problems suddenlyOur hearts plead to go on……………………Made to shed tears as a vent for hurtMade firm by the sound of pleasantriesMade bubbly when your smile radiatesMade weak by actions of the unfriendlyOur hearts sing a song…………………….made a hero by the loud acclaim of allMade to rock against all the odds in lifeMade green as a lawn new spring timeMade to glow as candles behind a glassOur hearts rests in a cradle……………Made to break when placed in shockMade to rejuvenate its self-healingMade to rosy again after the deep fallMade to tango in lilac and purple yetOur hearts soft but stronger than goldTwo Blind MenBy Matenneh-Rose L. DunbarAlong the metal wall of the presidential groundsTwo blind men felt their way down a clean pathThey multi stepped as slowly their hands gropedWith swinging white canes to navigate graduallyMuch vigor was placed into getting to destinationMy heart skipped a beat to see them do their bestThese…………. Two Blind MenOne wore slacks while the other was suited fineThe ironed black pant with white shirt was sharpSeemed like the suited guy was a office workerHis pal in slacks was matching in red and blueThey were sure to get to duty as they huggedIn close commune their goal was singular hereThese……. Two Blind MenInspiring puffs rise from their journey of a dayHands on each other back serves as self-beltsGuarding each from the cars busy Capitol HillTen thirty daily means commitments to themReady to face the pains and drains of todaySentiments float over why there is little careThese………. Two Blind MenHer SacrificeBy Varney L. S. GeanFrom the instant she knew beforehandA child growing her small belly heldThe sings all there she knew the truthHappy was she months later she boreThe moment when joy had no boundaryHer SacrificeHer love her nursing for the child she boreForsaking many things for the child’s futureToil and sweat for the child must be nurturedHer aim to make better won’t be ruinedThroughout times she did the best she couldHer SacrificeThat youngster will be greater she acclaimedFor all her efforts smiles her sweet face carriedShe did not falter not even in dire momentsHer newborn she prayed should be betterShe knew how far and whatever it tookHer SacrificeToday she laughs when mothers wailToday she smiles when people ask herWho is that greater man or woman with you?For all her efforts it is time to beam motherFor without YOU life would have been futileHer SacrificeA Whole New LevelBy Varney L. S. GeanStarted out like a blur out of nowhereStreaming down so rapid like cascadeA whole new levelHeadlong to get the paramount of allNot halting as everything spiral fasterA whole new levelIn this time minds jump start like boltsLike thunderbolts the sharpness mattersA whole new levelIn the long run results will be probableSomething to make frowned faces smileA whole new levelShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgGovernment has finally tabled a Bill for initiating its long-promised constitutional change. It will authorise a broadly-based Constitutional Reform Consultative Commission to accept submissions from across the country. Guyana has experimented with various constitutional arrangements, starting with the constitution it was given by Britain at Independence on May 26, 1966. That it has become clear that further changes are necessary should not be surprising.  As far back as the 18th century, the philosopher Immanuel Kant succinctly posed the dilemma of constitutional design in these terms: “The problem is, given a multitude of rational beings requiring universal laws for their preservation, but each of them is sincerely inclined to exempt himself from them, to establish a Constitution in such a way, although their private intentions conflict, they check each other, with the result that their public conduct is the same as if they had no such intentions.” The initiative, or set of initiatives, that will be offered to address Guyana’s political crisis in the coming hearings will have to engender broad acceptance across the political, ethnic and other divisions in the people, and especially among the politicians. This implies that the various groups, as they define themselves, would have to agree on the proposals for establishing the institutions to govern them.Guyanese are attuned to the British contractual tradition of Liberalism, which envisages individuals bargaining rationally to produce a “contract” that would protect their interests. Kant, then, was proposing that the solution to the inevitable conflicts in organised human societies such as ours lies in the design of appropriate institutions. Kant proposed that institutions, as with all normative behaviour, would have to satisfy some moral principle to which all citizens can more or less agree. Unless we have this moral commonality, no constitution will be able to bring stability to Guyana.  Kant called his touchstone moral principle the “categorical imperative” – a principle of justice. Most commentators who followed him agreed with his stricture: that institutions constituting a state must be organised in accordance with the principle of justice; but there were interminable discussions as to whether particular proposals satisfied, or did not satisfy, the “categorical imperative”.John Rawls, the most influential of modern liberal political philosophers, came up with another formulation to guide the formation of social institutions nearly two centuries later, in 1971. It had the great virtue of simplicity, and we commend it to Guyanese as they embark on their search for a more appropriate constitution. In the opening line of his first section in his magnum opus, A Theory of Justice, Rawls boldly declared that the principle of “justice” is the standard that would generate the broad acceptability for the establishment of any institution necessary to implement any initiative for enduring stability: “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought.” Recognising that Guyana does not even reach Rawls’s definition of a society as “a cooperative venture for mutual advantage, it is typically marked by a conflict as well as by an identity of interests.” His definition of “justice” is very pertinent to our effort to construct a democratic state in Guyana: “…a way of assigning rights and duties in the basic institutions of society, and they define the appropriate distribution of the benefits and burdens of social cooperation.” More importantly, Rawls introduced a methodology for arriving at substantive principles for making decisions in divisive situations, such as we have in Guyana, where it is vital that the decisions are seen as not favouring any one constituency. Procedurally, Rawls proposed that we make our suggestions about the fundamental principles that would structure and govern society from behind a metaphorical “veil of ignorance”, which precludes us from taking into consideration our personal position, class, gender, race, religion, even intelligence or interests in the matter under consideration. With such principles, we would be willing to go along even if our opponents assign us positions in the society arising out of the contract.last_img read more

first_imgIn March of this year, President David Granger established a Commission of Inquiry (CoI): “To examine and make recommendations to resolve all issues and uncertainties surrounding the claims of Amerindian land titling; the individual, joint, or communal ownership of lands acquired by freed Africans; and on any other matters relating to land titling in Guyana.”The Indigenous peoples, through their National Toshaos Council (NTC), have taken severe umbrage at this move, and declared: “The National Toshaos Council, a body comprising all Toshaos of Guyana and a representative body of the Indigenous Peoples of Guyana, having never been consulted in the formation of such a body, cannot, with any degree of sanity or confidence, respect such a body, and will refuse to cooperate with such a body.”The Government agreed to take this off the agenda of the CoI, which began taking submissions this month.What was therefore left on the CoI’s agenda was, “To resolve all issues and uncertainties surrounding the individual, joint or communal ownership of lands acquired by freed Africans in Guyana.” This was necessary because, as stated in the terms of reference of the CoI, “…the status of lands that were purchased by the freed Africans around and after 1839, and formed the first villages in Guyana, (but) have not been accessible to their descendants for various reasons. Lands which were acquired by freed Africans and were the subject of joint or communal ownership, or of individual ownership, are now subject to much uncertainty.”However, the CoI has allowed to be made presentations which, as Opposition Leader Bharat Jagdeo pointed out, have only served to widen divisions in Guyana between Amerindians and African Guyanese, and thereby exacerbate racial tensions in Guyana. Notable among these presentations was the one by Eric Phillips, an Executive member of the African Cultural & Developmental Association (ACDA), Chair of the Guyana Reparations Commission, and, most pertinently, an Advisor to the President and to the State Assets Recovery Agency.Phillips asserted, “Our Amerindian leaders, if they’re honest, know that the Amerindian Act of 2006 was an act that gave them reparations. Africans were here in Guyana before three of the Amerindian tribes who were given lands in the Amerindian Act of 2006. That is unjust.”Comparisons, it is said, are odious, but this one is particularly so, because the basis of the comparison are so fatally flawed. First of all, the Indigenous peoples were not given lands on any “reparatory” basis.Land for the Indigenous peoples was part and parcel of the Articles of our Independence from Britain. And they cannot be abrogated or conflated with any other claim, which ineluctable cannot have the same standing. Indigenous Peoples’ MP Stephen Campbell attended the 1965 Independence Conference in London and ensured the official Agreement for the Independence of Guyana (Annex C) required the independent government provide legal ownership or rights of occupancy for Amerindians over: “areas and reservations, or parts thereof, where any tribe or community of Amerindians is now ordinarily resident or settled, and other legal rights, such as the rights of passage, in respect of any other lands they now by tradition or custom de facto enjoy freedoms and permissions corresponding to rights of that nature. In this context, it is intended that legal ownership shall comprise all rights normally attaching to such ownership.”The British were merely formalising what the Dutch, while claiming “sovereignty” over Guyana, acknowledged: the Indigenous peoples’ “full and free ownership” of land they occupied. The British had agreed to keep Dutch land law at cession and acknowledged the right of the Indigenous peoples to their land.In reference to Phillips’s vehement rejection (“unjust, unfair and pernicious “) of the Indigenous peoples’ demand that the full 24% of land agreed to in 1969 be transferred, Guyana should note that modern norms of justice – led by the judiciary in Australia and South Africa – are evolving to amend the inequities imposed by the bootstrapping, positivistic stance of European jurisprudence.last_img read more

first_img…Linden Mayor cries foulLinden Mayor Carwyn Holland, who is also president of the Guyana Association of Municipalities (GAM), has strongly objected to an instruction handed down by Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Communities Ministry for municipalities across the country to return unspent money to the Communities Ministry.During a press conference, Holland noted that the municipality was in the process of procuring two compactor trucks to deal with sanitation woes and move ahead with contracts when it was instructed to return unspent money to the Ministry. He said he has since consulted with GAM to look into the situation.“As President of GAM, I would have had discussions with several mayors, and would have received complaints from several municipalities which are holding strong that, for the first time now, in years, they have to send back unspent money to the Ministry of Communities. They are objecting strongly to that. This (directive) will not only affect Linden, but many towns across Guyana,” Holland predicted.He added that he would have heard complaints from municipalities, such as Corriverton and Rose Hall Town, which had already allotted sums of money for various ventures before being instructed to return same. Holland explained that the Georgetown and Bartica municipalities do not have such complaints. He said that while the Communities Ministry should take some responsibility for the decision, the PS is more responsible.Holland is calling for an explanation for the “sudden change”.According to Holland, the second half of the funding for 2016 was received only around September, at which time the Linden municipality was in a transition stage in regard to administration, and there also was the issue of the former Town Clerk being sent on administrative leave.“We were told by the PS, verbally, not to spend. Several times we requested this instruction in writing from the PS, (but) we never got it. However, what we got now is an instruction to send back monies, even after the understanding that we would have procured machinery (compactor trucks)… When the PS came here, the PS claimed that the Ministry would not do the procurement… So we now have to do that procurement again. That is stymieing our development,” he charged.Holland disclosed that the Linden municipality has not sent back any unspent money, neither does it intend to do so. The total money unspent from last year, he noted, is around $8 million; while the total from 2014 to 2016 is just over $13 million.“Our ground is that we’re a statutory body. Municipalities are not called upon to return any monies. These are grants given to municipalities to serve their communities… We’re looking at the decentralization of power, and I do not believe that is the way to go,” Holland said.He has called on the ministry to retract the instruction, which is strongly opposed by GAM, and supports the call for a meeting between GAM and the Finance Ministry.last_img read more

first_imgOnly 11 cars finished the race after mechanical problems and an injury to Valtteri Bottas left just 15 on the starting grid — the lowest number for a year-opener since 1963.And Max Verstappen’s record-breaking debut at the age of 17 years and 166 days ended on a sour note when his Toro Rosso suffered a power unit failure on the 34th lap.At the front, Mercedes were in ominous form with Hamilton finishing a whopping 34 seconds in front of Vettel, indicating a tough year ahead for the Silver Arrows’ rivals.It was Mercedes’ eighth straight victory, dating back to Belgium last August, and their 20th race in a row with at least one driver on the podium.Hamilton, 30, has now won seven of the last eight races and 34 from 149 grands prix, although this was his first in Australia since 2008.“Nico was quick throughout the race,” he said of his fierce rival. “In terms of tyres we did not know how far they could go. When Nico turned up the heat I was able to react which was good.”Rosberg, who will have much to ponder after pole-sitter Hamilton’s supreme opening week, insisted it was a “nice feeling to be second”.“Lewis has done a fantastic job, he drove like a world champion all weekend. I’ll give my maximum and try to beat him all year,” he said.Four-time world champion Vettel yelled “Forza Ferrari!” as he celebrated a morale-boosting podium finish on his debut for the team after switching from Red Bull.Ferrari finished only fourth in last year’s constructors’ championship and Vettel, who beat Williams’ Felipe Massa to take third place, was all smiles as he collected his trophy.“We can be very proud. We have a great car, there is a lot of work ahead of us to beat these (Mercedes) guys,” Vettel said. “We want to make sure that life is not easy for these two during the season.”Brazilian Felipe Nasr finished a plucky fifth on his F1 debut in a boost to his Sauber team, entangled all week in a distracting legal battle over their driver line-up.But Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo emphasised Red Bull’s current struggles when he finished sixth.– ‘I’ll be back’ –With fledgling team Manor unable even to take part in qualifying, the race lost another driver when Williams’ Bottas was ruled out with a back injury.Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat and McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen then withdrew with mechanical problems on the reconnaissance lap, leaving a sparse grid of only 15 cars.Hamilton got away quickly off pole and was first into the right-hand hairpin but Lotus’s Pastor Maldonado was sideswiped into the barriers and crashed out as the safety car came out on the opening lap.When the safety car withdrew, Hamilton opened a stunning 2.4sec gap over team-mate Rosberg by the end of the first racing lap.But Rosberg put in some fastest laps to reduce the gap to 1.2secs behind Hamilton after 10 laps, with Massa and Vettel eight to nine seconds adrift.At one-third distance, Hamilton led Rosberg by 2.4sec, with Massa 1.5sec clear of Vettel in the battle to join the Mercedes on the podium.Both Mercedes had a one-stop strategy. Rosberg got the faster pit stop by 2.9sec but Hamilton was able to retake the lead with ease in the race to the chequered flag.Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen retired on lap 42 moments after his second pit stop, when he drove off with the left rear wheel not properly attached.Three-time race winner Jenson Button battled on with his misfiring McLaren to finish just out of the points in 11th — but also in last place in the reduced field.There were cheers when Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger awarded the trophies at the podium ceremony, with Hamilton joking: “I thought you were taller!”The two-time world champion added: “I’ll be back.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000MELBOURNE, March 15- Lewis Hamilton held off team-mate Nico Rosberg to give Mercedes a dominant victory as the season-opening Australian Grand Prix was hit by a series of withdrawals on Sunday.Reigning world champion Hamilton led from the start to the chequered flag, beating last year’s winner Rosberg by 1.3 seconds, with Sebastien Vettel third in his Ferrari debut.last_img read more

first_img0Shares0000NAIROBI, Kenya, May 12- Dan Sserunkuma’s third goal of the season gave Gor Mahia a hard fought 1-0 win over archrivals AFC Leopards in a Kenyan Premier League match at Nyayo National Stadium on Sunday.The diminutive Ugandan continued his love in with Leopards scoring on the break 16 minutes from time to give K’Ogalo its third straight win over Ingwe. Sserunkuma has now scored six times against Sunday’s opponents in the last three matches. The match was however stopped for five minutes after a scuffle amongst the fans following Ssreunkuma’s goal. Calm was however restored and the game ended with Gor moving to third on the log with 17 points.K’Ogalo may have walked away with three points but they were indebted to skipper Jerim Onyango who produced a man of the match display making save after save to keep out Leopards’ strikers.For Leopards, coach Luc Eymael’s wait for a first win of the season continues as his charges failed to utilise numerous chances that fell their way especially in the first half. He has now gone six matches with no victory since he joined the 12 time league champions.The home side settled early with left back Abbas Kiwalabye testing Onyango from 40 yards on ten minutes. It would be the story of the first half as Onyango then had to save from Edwin Wafula four minutes later.Gor’s first sniff at goal came in the 20th minute but David Owino failed to hit the target after a sleek one two down the right flank.Then it was back to Onyango making a save this time from Noah Wafula on 23 minutes. His save of the match came on 26 minutes as he flung to his right to keep out Wafula’s stinging drive after a quick counter attack.Leopards’ keeper Patrick Matasi had been a spectator until the 32nd minute when Sserunkuma hit one from 25 yards.A mix up almost gave Gor the lead on 37 minutes when Matasi and Jonas Nahimana both went for the same ball but Edwin Lavatsa was unable to hit the target from Sserunkuma’s resulting cross.Onyango had one more save to make five minutes to the break spilling Mike Barasa’s freekick before recovering to block Wafula’s follow up.Gor threw on Rama Salim as they sought to gain a foothold in the game and the playmaker thought he had earned a penalty after being tripped by Nahimana but the referee waved away his appeals on 62 minutes.On as a substitute Allan Wanga then struck the upright after good work by fellow substitute Paul Were had put him through 21 minutes from time.Were then tried his luck on 73 minutes but Onyango was alert palming it away for a corner.It was from that corner that Gor took the lead after a lightning counter attack.Lavatsa found Salim who skipped past a defender and even though Matasi saved his effort, Sserunkuma was on hand to turn in the rebound setting off wild celebrations. -SuperSport.com0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

first_imgThis is supposed to be the time of year when no one is going to the movies! With that in mind, I’m previewing for you some of the flicks I think might keep the box office momentum going until early November, when moviegoers will be hit by an onslaught of would-be blockbusters. RIDE ‘EM, COWBOY: Westerns have been few and far between in recent decades, but this month, “Yuma” and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” (Good luck fitting that title on a theater marquee!) are both ambitious films with big stars. “Yuma,” which opened today, should take first place with a debut of about $15 million this weekend. It’s enjoyed strong reviews and it seems like this is a genre that Crowe’s fans will enjoy. “Jesse James” will be out Sept. 21 and stars Pitt as the famous outlaw. The film’s journey to the screen has been somewhat rocky, but it shouldn’t hurt its prospects that Pitt is in the news so much these days. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Foster is one of the few actresses who can carry an action-thriller (“Panic Room,” “Flightplan”). So when “The Brave One” opens a week from today, I expect it to be one of the fall’s biggest hits. Foster doesn’t make movies very often, so it’s usually worth seeing when she does release a film. Also breaking out on the action front, “The Kingdom,” starring Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Chris Cooper, will bow Sept. 28. The movie is about a group of FBI operatives investigating a terrorist attack and has hit written all over it. Then Oct. 12 offers a pair of action flicks: “We Own the Night,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg and Robert Duvall, and “Hitman,” a video-game adaptation starring Timothy Olyphant. I’d give “Night” the box office edge in that duel. OSCAR BAIT: “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” has Cate Blanchett reprising her Oscar-nominated role as Queen Elizabeth I. The royal sequel – out Oct. 12, focuses on Elizabeth’s middle years, while the original 1998 film, “Elizabeth,” told the story of a young queen. Like Blanchett, George Clooney is already an Oscar winner (“Syriana”) but could be nominated again for the title role in “Michael Clayton,” which goes into wide release the same day as “Golden Age.” Reese Witherspoon, the 2006 Best Actress winner (“Walk the Line”), teams up with “Brokeback Mountain” nominee Jake Gyllenhaal in the political drama “Rendition,” which will hit theaters Oct. 19. Meryl Streep, a 14-time Oscar nominee and two-time winner, is also in the cast. John Cusack has never been Oscar-nominated, but that could change with the indie drama “Grace is Gone,” which casts him as a widowed father of two who struggles to tell his kids that their mother has been killed in Iraq. “Grace” will be out Oct. 5. LEAVE ‘EM LAUGHING: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been faring better in comedy than in action flicks lately, so it’s no surprise that he is headlining the Disney comedy “The Game Plan,” out Sept. 28. He plays a pro football player who sees his jock lifestyle turned upside down when a 7-year-old girl shows up claiming to be his daughter. With the Oct. 5 release of “The Heartbreak Kid,” box office king Ben Stiller will be looking to add another title to his recent string of hits that includes last year’s “Night at the Museum” as well as “Meet the Fockers” and “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” “Heartbreak” has Stiller playing a newlywed who ditches his sexy but nutty wife on their honeymoon for another woman. A week later, Steve Carell will be looking to get back into the hit business after the disappointment of “Evan Almighty.” Carell headlines “Dan In Real Life” about a widower (Carell) who falls for a woman (Juliette Binoche) who is dating his brother (Dane Cook). In addition to some of the movies I’ve mentioned, I’m looking forward to seeing “Reservation Road,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Connelly; “Why Did I Get Married,” the latest big-screen adaptation of a Tyler Perry play; the romantic comedy “Ira & Abby” written by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt of “Kissing Jessica Stein” fame; and the Sean Penn-directed “Into the Wild.” (818) 713-3758285Love live music?Sign up for Festival Pass, a newsletter on Southern California’s festival culture. Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! My dad loves a good Western so I’m looking forward to taking him to see “3:10 to Yuma” this weekend – one of many star-powered films set for release this fall. So much for any kind of lull between the summer and holiday movie seasons. “Yuma” stars heavy-hitters Russell Crowe and Christian Bale and kicks off a two-month period that will have movies headlined by the likes of Jodie Foster, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, Ben Stiller, Jamie Foxx, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and George Clooney. The movie industry bucked tradition by having a record August and by setting Labor Day weekend benchmarks. last_img read more

first_imgTwitter is growing, but it’s not just the monthly active users that matter.On the company’s Tuesday earnings call, CEO Dick Costolo said that the size of Twitter’s audience is two to three times as big as the number of monthly active users—271 million—on Twitter. That means millions of users who aren’t on Twitter are seeing tweets, including those embedded in the media, or shared by friends.“We will position ourselves to reach the largest audience in the world, and everyone on the planet,” Costolo said on the earnings call. This quarter provided Twitter a perfect opportunity to showcase its prowess as a real-time platform on a global scale, thanks to the World Cup in Brazil. By my count, various Twitter execs used the phrase “World Cup” 13 times during the one-hour call.Throughout the global soccer tournament, which ran from June 12 to July 13, Twitter displayed soccer information including game times and live scores, as well as notifications that encouraged people to take part in the conversation happening through hashtags and tweets. During the semi-final game between Brazil and Germany, Costolo said, “we had 2 billion Tweet impressions off Twitter in addition to our 4.4 billion Tweet impressions on Twitter.”See Also: Why Twitter Needs Its Own Messaging AppBut Costolo was quick to point out that the World Cup didn’t actually get more people to sign up for the service. It just increased “engagement,” or people interacting with the service. So what drove user growth during the quarter? Costolo chalked it up to product updates like new profile pages that help new users understand the product better. One product update that will likely get a much-needed makeover this year is the direct message feature. According to Costolo, the messaging platform—one that’s currently frustratingly buggy—will be a focus for the remainder of the year. Another possible surprise in store for users might be a manipulated, algorithm-based Twitter feed. Currently users see tweets from the accounts they follow in real time—unlike Facebook, which filters your news feed based on what it thinks you care about the most. That sort of change would be an interesting—though controversial—shift for a company that wants to be the world’s most important real-time platform for news and information. Costolo, however, said on the call that he isn’t ruling out the idea.The social network has 271 million monthly active users, an increase of 24% year-over-year. More than three-quarters of those users—78%, to be exact, or 211 million—use Twitter on a mobile device at least once a month.Lead image courtesy of Flickr user paulisson miura Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit selena larson Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…center_img Related Posts Tags:#Algorithm#Dick Costolo#earnings#social media#twitter The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more