Chinese hundreds of millions of Internet users, basically every Internet users will have a blog, blog or free public domain independent blog. In recent years, blog marketing is a hot topic, a lot of people doing marketing blog, basically every industry there are people in the use of blog. To tell the truth, really have their own independent domain blog or in a month ago, and now my blog for the noble baby basically is less than a minute can be included in the new publication. Before a public free blog by NetEase, to publish some of their own love article. Due to the public, free blog has many restrictions, decided to build an independent domain blog. Just started to build the blog when found, independent blog published articles and no public blog so easily indexed by search engines, and even published a few days are not indexed by search engines. read more

May 22, 2010, Google created a graffiti to commemorate the video game Pac Man. The graffiti is an animation, but also one can play Pac Man games. This is the Google doodle through the use of HTML5 standard production, of course, Google also provides a FLASH version to support is not compatible with the HTML5 browser. I bet this is the first time the majority of Internet users and HTML5 contact. For individuals, this is an exciting news. In my opinion, the graffiti provides an opportunity to look into the future Internet, web pages, mobile applications and games development trends. For search engine optimization, he made me more imagination, it makes me think about the HTML5 in Shanghai Longfeng field potential. The site transferred to the HTML5 standard for Shanghai dragon read more