three, anchor text links within the reasonable control of

some time ago I wanted to write an article on the WordPress blog ranking optimization article, then cut the two picture, is a pleasant Shanghai dragon blog site internal optimization and the chain construction site two columns of love Shanghai ranked screenshot, is going to write something about this article, because for optimization independent blog a lot of people, only pay attention to the content of the page ranking is good, but easy to ignore the column page, so I think it is very necessary to write. But then I forgot, ashamed ah. read more

we all know with the suffix gov forum is the government forum, have very high weight, above the top post on the construction site outside the chain is very good, we can try to search into the BBS in Shanghai will be 1830000 pages, all of these are the government forum home page, we go to register you can get the chain resources very much.

fourth: in the >

plus signature Forum

I am now done mainly in the mechanical site, mechanical key competition is very intense, such as sand making machine of the word, every love index in Shanghai about more than 13000, do my colleagues every day work is mostly send false original article, send me in some chain the Forum on the chain, built blog, independent blog on the message and link with the same industry related keywords do friends chain, and so on. These benefits you should know better than me, I only talk about how I apply these methods to achieve the ultimate. read more

love Shanghai spiders to the point ah..

after 2 days, the noble baby have included:

personally think that noble baby really good ah, but unfortunately we have too many restrictions, people with less and less. Which accounts for half of the country’s love of Shanghai is included in the user this really suck.

The new

fourth days, Sogou PR ranked 1:

website, which included in the search engine the fastest possible? Everyone is wondering.

I built a website www.woyouyiliangche贵族宝贝, respectively for the noble baby, love Shanghai, Sogou do the test. In order to be included in the search engine, I went directly to the major search engines to landing page is submitted (who do not want their website can be included as soon as possible?:)). read more

implementation of HTTPS encryption search love Shanghai station after heavy measures prior to starting the HTTPS included site, close HTTP version suggest webmaster site! Then, plus a HTTPS site or in the collection and sorting! Previously, because love Shanghai will not take the initiative to grab HTTPS web page, leading to a lot of HTTPS pages can not be included. Today, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announced that the official opening of the site included HTTPS.

, love Shanghai Adsense Institute had published an article "how to improve the HTTPS site construction of Shanghai friendly love?", to guide HTTPS making HTTP site accessible version for love Shanghai to accept. Technology upgrade, fell in love with the sea as a domain name of the HTTP version and the HTTPS version of a site, priority included HTTPS version, HTTP version or suggest Adsense closed, HTTP page to jump directly to the corresponding HTTPS page. read more

search engine spider is a program search engine itself, it is the role of the web access, grab the page text, pictures and other information, the establishment of a database, feedback to the search engine, when users search, the search engine will be the information collected through filtering, sorting algorithm of complex it will be shown that the most useful information for users. When analyzing the performance of Shanghai dragon website, we will consider the general search engine spiders crawl quality, which can help us to optimize the site may involve following several related concepts: read more

I will be screened, love Shanghai has a particularly good option, such as inclusion, prior to editing and good ideas, such as "augmentation of money", edited the unit and creative, can directly use this function to select keywords.

case, just do not think that the key words into the line, but also consider the statement is fluent, reasonable etc..

believe that we see your account has big nod, and different keywords and unit, lazy bidding staff may be like and love Shanghai customer service, editing roughly the same idea, that is to say, the whole project which can be creative without too much change. This may be a bad phenomenon of read more

ALEXA now we are not ranked in importance, has not pay attention to the webmaster, but it can also reflect to a certain extent to the quality of the website? Such as how much traffic to the site can be roughly estimated. Site traffic and Alexa ranking is the most direct factor, maximum error. Flow and Alexa ranking will use the software to brush, and the real difference. But the actual traffic sites in a certain extent after all that website popularity by users.

6. brand name search.

social media website link to the page or site name > read more

introduced above is noble baby BOT to crawl the page with DNS, server connection, Robots.txt capture problem, and can see a period of time, the DNS server connection, Robots.txt capture data, such as the bottom of the date display.

recently Google has been updating their products, today introduced the function of crawl errors version of Google webmaster tools in the introduction, the new version of the crawl errors introduced very practical, and very convenient, can rapid diagnosis of noble baby BOT to crawl the page of this tool for the love of Shanghai is also effective optimization. read more

is the optimization of excessive and cheating separately, because I think over optimization is more of an unconscious operation in the operation, do not feel so will lead to drop right under the condition of slowly over optimized, and cheating is more knowing what the nature of this operation is to be.


3, >

, a subjective right down

for Shanghai dragon cheating cause right down, such as the mass of the chain, hanging black chain, buy links, hidden links, some form of cheating is good, but some form of cheating will be very tangled, like mass outside the chain, it is difficult to control, once out is not so easy to delete. read more

and some Adsense exchange with their love of Shanghai optimization research, finally sorted out, a new website optimization of the three stage, in practice the three stages will lead to the website ranking and weight change is also very important. And with the algorithm is more and more perfect, the positioning of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are becoming more and more accurate and clear, the optimization difficulty now has shrunk. Add details determine the success or failure of website optimization. The news too much will cause the site to drop right now, what are the three stages of the optimization of the three stage? How should we understand and operate it. read more