Abstract: when the wheels drive to micro-blog WeChat era, BBS community such as the flood receded, the once popular BBS bigwigs are now what? They are old? Where are they


although brother is not in the rivers and lakes, but rivers and lakes still spread the legend of brother.

when the time wheel drive to micro-blog WeChat era, BBS community such as the flood receded, the once popular BBS bigwigs are now what? They are old? Where are they

?The outcome of

is nothing less than two, or not, is not in the position, or old but vigorous, old and solid. read more

got sick and inspired, Li Yan and her husband Huang Lin started their business. Two people of husband and wife he resigned, the operation of shopping guide website "berry" — now, the shopping site has blossom everywhere, start empty-handed, how to win the

business with a small capital, a space for one person?

[titanium media contributing / Gong Jingyang] March 2013, is the last time of the third revision of berry net. Huang Lin had earlier resigned from work, prepared together with his wife Li Yan, to do a good job in their website, "we are both science background, all kind of house!" Huang Lin is obsessed with technology, and Li Yan is to control the content – site construction and operation, two people just complementary. read more

in A5 read more than N article, found that there are many soft Wen is to persuade new webmaster "to succeed, must adhere to, and then adhere to" view. Let new station head mistakenly think, as long as adhere to, as long as there is a spirit of perseverance, the site will have a way out, you can make big money. According to my experience I do stand for such advice, I think: only beg to differ, from their familiar with professional website, plus insist, in order to win.

people know little knowledge of history, China revolutionary history, it is because of Chairman Mao resolutely abandon Li De’s revolutionary policy, adhere to the revolutionary road China characteristics, it made China the victory of the revolution; it is because of the characteristics of the reform and opening up Chinese walking route, it made such a brilliant economic achievements. If the line is wrong, even if you insist, and pay, and not necessarily will return. Even bring irreparable consequences. read more

website column page for the site played a role, if a website without column page, then the user enter the site does not know the content of which belong to the site if no column, then the search engine spiders to crawl sites do not know where to start, can be said to occupy a central section of the web site page the role of the site, and do the column page optimization site is equivalent to the site to build a new central nervous system. Below specific talk about the column page of the website, how can ability optimize well?. read more

in April 1996, Alexa was founded in the United States, when it was only a small site, mainly for classification navigation. In those days, many websites were YAHOO’s Fans, and Alexa was just one of many followers. But Alexa itself has some technology, that is, access to a Web site traffic statistics and analysis. Later, Alexa has gradually become a resource integration site ranking authority. The following I share the common sense of Alexa rankings for you:

one, ranking evaluation method read more

local websites should be how to operate, many local sites fire, and many local sites have relatively good development, so that the webmaster in droves. However, most friends do not get what they want when they operate local websites. What’s the reason? Why can’t you earn money by running local websites and what’s wrong with yourself?

we want to make money by making web sites. How can we make money? There are no two ways: one is to sell products, and two is to sell advertisements. For the products of friends, you can establish your own official website for sale products, of course, you can also build a shop on Taobao, Tmall and other platforms. Of course, what can we do without the product? The only way is to sell advertising. Today, guardian Yuan Kun, on the local station as a breakthrough point to introduce how to operate. read more

these days my Duke www.myjiemeng.com experienced a change radically, today I put the specific reasons to analyze, to warn myself not to make the same mistake again.

this site or a new station, but I spend on time and energy and a lot, I mainly concentrate on the original content, don’t take the time to promote the long-term, my plan is to make up the Duke, so you don’t need to do what the promotion.

thanks to my new content, GG soon included more than 500 pages, and brought a little traffic, with page updates, traffic is slow and steady rise, for a new station, beginning to get a good ranking is not possible, there is such a steady rise is very good the. With the updating of the page, suddenly in March 16, March 17th two days flow increased suddenly, the flow of two days up to 60%, the flow from the main keyword "Duke", because every day I was in the update of the original content, so that the outbreak is also not surprising, of course, my heart is very happy and the excitement, I think of all my article pages have been added to the related articles of this function, if the function of the related articles added, that PV will be a substantial increase in the weight of the website will be higher. read more

is now moving towards the Internet era of post 80s, and now faces opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. Horizontal walking network focuses on the analysis and Deconstruction of entrepreneurship and business opportunities, according to the modern concept and needs of the founder of a "cross the times" business opportunities network!Although

is facing the challenge of the business opportunities network and the cross net in the Internet, it is nothing to do as a post-80s student pursuing his dream. As long as the confidence and effort can get success, not to light carefully that light has no confidence to fail, it is also called the failure to have the full confidence and success is a small step, through the history of erosion and challenges, it’s taken a foot. read more

article is the author summarizes some of the details of the page conversion rate improvement view, and share with you, we hope to help.

we usually refer to the product details page, which usually contains the following basic information:

product pictures

commodity description

commodity price information

this is a three point information indispensable product details page, but for users, this information does not completely remind them of their shopping, unless the commodity itself comes with property hit the users, such as user A is really want to buy this kind of socks can be love. Otherwise, the packing of this commodity will be a little lighter. read more